Smart Disk Image Utilities App Reviews

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Don’t waste your money

Looked this over and looked like a good idea for backing up some important data. HA!! Front end looks nice and is very clean. Decided to do a trial on a non-sensitive file set. Selected the folder and all was set. when it got to the point it was making a .img it hung up at 99.10%….not once….not twice…..tried five times. Had to force quit each time on a minuscule 20mb file!! So teed off at the moment out 20 bucks for a POS front end that does not have the guts to work!!!! Look elsewhere. Look around… Don’t look here. Looks like I am gonna run some code myself and get it done. was looking for a lil time help and wont get that 30minutes of my life back. (Yea really mad right now)!

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