Smart Disk Image Utilities App Reviews

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A great addition to the Mac Disk Utilities

I haven’t tested every part of the Smart Disk Image Utilities app but it was able to do for me what the native Mac Disk Utilities did not. First, it can create severl kinds of disk image including ISO images preferred by the Windows PC OS. Mac Disk Utilities can do that too but only if you open a console window and enter text commands after a CDR image is made. (Some websites claim just changing .cdr to .iso will work. That did not work for me) Most importantly, I had an old DVD disk i made (with my own content) and Mac Disk Utilities kept failing to create a DMG or CDR image of the disk due ot errors. The error correction in Smart Disk Image Utilities must be better becasue it was able to read my old DVD completely and create more than one kind of disk image from my DVD. It saved me much frustration.

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